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Dantons Tod

Music Gottfried von Einem

Cast 22.05.2019

Conductor Michael Boder
Director & Light Design Josef Ernst Köpplinger
Set design Rainer Sinell
Costume Design Alfred Mayerhofer
Assistant choreographer Ricarda Regina Ludigkeit
George Danton Tomasz Konieczny
Camille Desmoulins Benjamin Bruns
Hérault de Séchelles Michael Laurenz
Robespierre Thomas Ebenstein
Lucile Olga Bezsmertna
Saint Just Peter Kellner
Herman Clemens Unterreiner
Simon Wolfgang Bankl
ein junger Mensch Wolfram Igor Derntl
1. Henker Wolfram Igor Derntl
2. Henker Marcus Pelz
Julie Szilvia Vörös
eine Dame Ildikó Raimondi
ein Weib Lydia Rathkolb


Part 1

Robespierre has seized power and is having his opponents executed at every turn. An opponent who is his equal is Danton – he could therefore only proceed against the tyrannical extremist in the Convention. However, Danton does not believe the time for that has arrived yet.

Nevertheless, Danton ridicules Robespierre to his face for his affected virtuousness. This makes Robespierre all the more inclined to follow the advice of the young fanatic Saint-Just to arrest Danton and his closest allies, Hérault de Séchelles and Camille Desmoulins.

Although Danton learns in advance of the impending arrest, he refuses to flee and so delivers himself up indirectly to Robespierre. 

Part 2

Danton and his friends are in prison. He can no longer really rely on help from the masses, who were initially solidly behind Danton; official opinion is already starting to turn against him, at least in some factions.

Before the revolutionary tribunal, the feared rhetorician Danton is able to defend himself skilfully against his opponents, thereby temporarily winning the upper hand again. But Saint-Just presents falsified incriminating evidence against the accused. Danton then accuses Robespierre, Saint-Just and the “ravens of the Committee of Public Safety” in general of high treason. Those present are divided, and the prisoners are forcibly hustled out.

Before the assembled people, Danton and his friends are guillotined. The masses cheer at the execution and respond with shouts of “Hail”.

Desmoulins’ wife Lucile, who has lost her senses, seals her own fate by calling out “Long live the king” at the end of her song about the reaper Death.


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