Die Weiden

Music Johannes Maria Staud | Durs Grünbein

Cast 20.12.2018

Conductor Ingo Metzmacher
Director Andrea Moses
Stage Design Jan Pappelbaum
Costume Design Kathrin Plath
Lighting Design Bernd Purkrabek
Video Arian Andiel
Dramaturge Moritz Lobeck Thomas Wieck
Live-Elektronische Realisation SWR Experimentalstudio
Lea, eine junge Philosophin Rachel Frenkel
Peter, ein junger Künstler Tomasz Konieczny
Edgar, Peters alter Schulfreund Thomas Ebenstein
Kitty, Edgars Geliebte Andrea Carroll
Die Fernsehreporterin Sylvie Rohrer
Krachmeyer, Komponist, Freund von Peters Familie Udo Samel
Leas Mutter Monika Bohinec
Leas Vater/Der Angler am Ufer Jörg Schneider
Peters Mutter Donna Ellen
Peters Vater Alexandru Moisiuc
Demagoge Wolfgang Bankl
Oberförster Wolfgang Bankl
Fritzi Katrina Galka
Franzi Jeni Houser


Johannes Maria Staud has received composition commissions from the Vienna Philharmonic and the Berlin Philharmonic, as well as from the Cleveland Orchestra and Salzburg Festival. He has also had his operas premièred at the Munich Biennale and the Lucerne Festival. Together with librettist Durs Grünbein he has now written a political opera for the Wiener Staatsoper, making reference to the general shift to the right in Europe. At the centre of the action is the newly enamoured couple Peter and Lea, who set off on a journey down a river, – to the very heart of Europe, a continent recently torn apart again...


Wiener Staatsoper commission supported by