Die Zauberflöte

Music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

19. June 2022
1 intermission
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22. June 2022
1 intermission
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25. June 2022
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Cast 22.12.2017

Conductor Adam Fischer
Director Moshe Leiser Patrice Caurier
Stage Design Christian Fenouillat
Costume Design Agostino Cavalca
Lighting Design Christophe Forey
Assistant choreographer Beate Vollack
Sarastro René Pape
Tamino Jörg Schneider
Königin der Nacht Hila Fahima
Pamina Olga Bezsmertna
Papageno Thomas Tatzl
Sprecher Adrian Eröd
1. Priester Peter Jelosits
2. Priester Adrian Eröd
1. Dame Caroline Wenborne
2. Dame Ulrike Helzel
3. Dame Bongiwe Nakani
Papagena Ileana Tonca
Monostatos Benedikt Kobel
1. Geharnischter Wolfram Igor Derntl
2. Geharnischter Ryan Speedo Green
3 Knaben Wiener Sängerknaben


»The Magic Flute« is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's most famous opera and marks the introduction to the world of music theatre for many visitors. However, this opera is by no means a work that can be clearly defined; rather, it is just as lucidly enigmatic as many another work of its composer: Is it a child of suburban theatre or does it symbolise rites of a secret society? Is it a masterpiece of world theatre or simply a spectacle for the senses? The directors Moshe Leiser and Patrice Caurier have taken it upon themselves to find an answer by dismissing any simple black-and-white thinking and not dividing the world into good and evil, but rather by negotiating different life principles in their production: composed thinking versus unrestrained emotionality, reflection versus immediacy, childishness versus mature considerations. The performances are conducted by Adam Fischer, honorary member of the State Opera, who strives to achieve a balance between these very principles with the orchestra: experience and spontaneity, tradition and progression. With Sabine Devieilhe as Queen of the Night, one of the most brilliant coloratura sopranos of our time returns to the Vienna opera stage, as does René Pape, who will once again be heard as Sarastro.