Choreography Kenneth MacMillan

Cast 29.11.2014

Conductor Guillermo García Calvo
Choreography and Direction Kenneth MacMillan
Musical Arrangement John Lanchbery
Bühnenbild und Kostüme Nicholas Georgiadis
Lighting Design John B. Read
Kronprinz Rudolf Roman Lazik
Baronesse Mary Vetsera Irina Tsymbal
Kronprinzessin Stephanie Kiyoka Hashimoto
Kaiserin Elisabeth Dagmar Kronberger
Marie Gräfin Larisch Ketevan Papava
Bratfisch Denys Cherevychko
Mizzi Caspar Alice Firenze
Katharina Schratt Ulrike Helzel



The cemetery at Heiligenkreuz before dawn


Scene 1

The ballroom at the Hofburg (Imperial Palace), Vienna

 At the ball to celebrate his wedding to Princess Stephanie of Belgium, Crown Prince Rudolf offends his parents and bride by flirting openly with Princess Louise. Left alone, Rudolf meets Countess Larisch and Baroness Vetsera, who introduces her young daughter, Mary. They are interrupted by four Hungarian officers, friends of Rudolf, who forcefully plead the Separatist cause of their country. Countess Larisch returns and tries to revive the intimacy of her past relationship with Rudolf. The emperor discovers them and angrily Orders Rudolf to return to his wife.

Scene 2

The Empress's apartments at the Hofburg

Empress Elisabeth has retired from the ball and is enjoying the Company of her ladies-in-waiting. Rudolf visits her before going to his bride. He is unhappy at his enforced marriage and attempts to engage the Empress's sympathy.

Scene 3

Rudolfs apartments at the Hofburg

Stephanie is prepared for the wedding night. Rudolf finds her alone and, before making love to her, terrifies her with a revolver.


Scene 1

A notorious tavern

Accompanied by Bratfisch, Rudolf and Stephanie arrive at the tavern in disguise. Seeing that Stephanie is unhappy, Bratfisch does his best to amuse her. The whores are resentful and try to recapture the attention of their clients. Stephanie leaves in disgust. Rudolf devotes his attention to his mistress, Mizzi Caspar, and to his Hungarian friends. There is a police raid, during which Rudolf, Mizzi and the Hungarian officers hide. Arrests are made and the police leave. In a mood of despair brought about by the constant surveillance, Rudolf suggests to Mizzi that they should commit suicide together. Count Taaffe enters, having been informed that Rudolf is in the tavern. Rudolf again conceals himself, but Mizzi indicates his presence to the Count, with whom she departs.

Scene 2

Outside the tavern

As Rudolf leaves his friends, Countess Larisch, aware of his identity, contrives to present Mary Vetsera, whom she is ostensibly chaperoning.

Scene 3

The Vetsera house

Countess Larisch calls on her friend, Baroness Vetsera, and finds Mary absorbed by a portrait of Rudolf. She takes a pack of cards and tells Mary's fortune, assuring her that her romantic dreams will come true. Mary gives her a letter for Rudolf.

Scene 4

The Hofburg

During Franz Joseph's birthday celebration Count Taaffe confronts Rudolf with a political pamphlet. At the same time "Bay" Middleton offers the Prime Minister a joke cigar, greatly amusing Rudolf. Elisabeth presents the Emperor with a portrait of his "friend", Katharina Schratt. A firework display diverts everyone except Elisabeth and "Bay". Rudolf observes their amorous exchange and is bitterly resentful. The resumption of the firework gives Countess Larisch the opportunity to tease Rudolf with Mary's letter.

Scene 5

Rudolfs apartments at the Hofburg

Mary and Rudolf meet in secret for the first time.


Scene 1

Countryside: a royal shoot

The pleasant day is shattered when Rudolf unaccountably fires wildly, killing a member of the court and narrowly missing the Emperor.

Scene 2

Rudolfs apartment at. the Hofburg

The Empress discovers Countess Larisch with Rudolf and dismisses her, unaware that Mary is waiting outside. Mary joins Rudolf, who asks her to die with him.

Scene 3

The hunting lodge at Mayerling

Rudolf, drinking with Count Hoyos and Prince Philipp, indicates that he is unwell and they leave. Bratfisch arrives with Mary, and Rudolf commands him to entertain them. Bratfisch realizes he has lost their attention and withdraws. In a mounting frenzy of passion Rudolf makes love to Mary. Calming his nerves with an injection of morphine, he embraces her once more then shoots her. Loschek, Hoyos and Philipp, disturbed by the shot, are reassured by Rudolf, who left alone, shoots himself.


The cemetery at Heiligenkreuz before dawn