Richard Wagner

Die Feen

Children's opera
mobilkom austria Zelt

25 May 2013
15:00 - 16:00
No intermission
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Cast | 25.05.2013

The cast will be published soon.


One night whilst out hunting, Prince Arindal encounters a white deer which transforms itself into the beautiful fairy Ada. They both fall in love with one another immediately. Arindal resolves to stay with Ada forever in the Fairy Kingdom. However, the fairy queen warns them that, should Arindal ever leave Ada alone for longer than a year, she will be turned to stone. The two fair-ies Jemina and Farzana welcome Arindal, but also remind him never to forget the year of absence. War has broken out in Arindal's kingdom. His sister Lora yearns for the return of her brother, who has been missing for seven years. Gunther, who is very devoted to Lora, and Gernot set off to search for the prince in the enchanted forest. They urge Arindal to return to his threatened homeland, where he has now become king following the death of his father. With a heavy heart, Arindal has to leave Ada to do his duty in the world of mortals. However, he pledges to return to the Fairy Kingdom before a year has passed. Lora hopes that there will soon be peace after Arindal's return, and promises her hand to Gunther. The enemy is defeated at last, but in the mean-time the year has come to an end. Ada is saddened to think that Arindal has forgotten her, though her love for him is as strong as ever. As dawn breaks she is turned to stone. The desperate Arindal knows that he has failed to keep his promise. However, the Fairy Queen knows the magic potion with which he can transform Ada back again. Thanks to the strength of his love and the power of the music and his singing, Arindal is finally able to free Ada from the stone. Out of gratitude for this deed, he also receives immortality in the Fairy Kingdom.