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Tanzpodium: Ballet Class

on November 12, 2022
This is the page for the performance on November 12, 2022.

Gustav Mahler-Saal

Cast 12.11.2022

Beteiligte Martin Schläpfer Claudine Schoch
Piano Igor Zapravdin
Moderation Anne do Paço


Daily training is the basis of all dance. It is practice and more: »exercitium« in the true sense of the word. It trains the dancer – makes him grow in body and mind. The schools and techniques for the daily class are diverse. Martin Schläpfer is not only one of the most important choreographers of his generation, but he is also an important ballet teacher who – based on classical dance technique – has developed his own way of training. In our series Tanzpodium we will discuss methods and the importance of training for artistic processes and will explain different techniques using various examples.