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Die Entführung ins Zauberreich

on June 25, 2023
This is the page for the performance on June 25, 2023.
Music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gerald Resch Text Margit Mezgolich
→ Wanderoper durch das Gebäude der Wiener Staatsoper für Kinder ab 6 Jahren

Feststiege / Mahlersaal / Galerierundgang

Cast 25.06.2023

Conductor Eric Melear
Production Nina Blum
Stage Design Marcus Ganser
Costume Design Agnes Hamvas
Choreography Kathleen Bauer


The main building of the Vienna State Opera is full of secrets. One of them, perhaps the most exciting, is the enchanted door: a magical portal that is said to be hidden somewhere in the building and opens for one day every hundred years. If Belmonte, Konstanze and their friends manage to find the door while it is open, they are set free. If not, they must spend another hundred years in captivity. But with the help of the (young) audience, the search could be successful.
The touring opera, conceived by the theatremaker Nina Blum for the Vienna State Opera, aims to whet the appetite of children between six and twelve years of age for opera in the course of a musical adventure journey through the building. The paths to be taken between the individual stations are also part of the production; everyone is both spectator and actor at the same time and will have their very own travel experiences. The basis for this almost one-and-a-half-hour project is Mozart's »Abduction from the Seraglio«. The additional musical numbers required for the framework story are by Austrian composer Gerald Resch. Family performances, in which the children are accompanied by adults, as well as school performances are offered.

Please note that you have to walk to various floors in the house and that the event is in German.