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Einführungsmatinee Meistersinger

on November 20, 2022
This is the page for the performance on November 20, 2022.

Cast 20.11.2022

Mitwirkende Philippe Jordan Keith Warner Hanna-Elisabeth Müller David Butt Philip Wolfgang Koch Georg Zeppenfeld Michael Laurenz -
In einem Videobeitrag Michael Volle
Klavier Jendrik Springer
Moderation Bogdan Roščić


Two weeks before the premiere, the introductory matinee to Die Meistersinger will take place in the Großes Haus, hosted by director Bogdan Roščić. Not only will aspects of the work be explained, but the production will also be examined in detail. Participants will talk about rehearsals and their approach to the opera, and musical contributions will allow you to listen in on the sound worlds. So if you want to know what the new Meistersinger production will be like and want to learn more about the work, this Sunday morning is for you!
The event will be held in German.