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Die Zauberflöte

on November 24, 2023
This is the page for the performance on November 24, 2023.
Music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Text Emanuel Schikaneder
→ Deutsche Oper in zwei Aufzügen

Cast 24.11.2023

Conductor Cornelius Meister
Production Moshe Leiser Patrice Caurier
Stage Design Christian Fenouillat
Costume Design Agostino Cavalca
Lighting Design Christophe Forey
Assistant choreographer Beate Vollack
Sarastro Günther Groissböck
Tamino Dmitry Korchak
Sprecher Clemens Unterreiner
Königin der Nacht Sara Blanch
Pamina Mané Galoyan
Papagena Ileana Tonca
Papageno Peter Kellner
Monostatos Thomas Ebenstein
1. Priester Katleho Mokhoabane
1. Dame Anna Bondarenko
2. Dame Szilvia Vörös
3. Dame Monika Bohinec
1. Geharnischter Carlos Osuna
2. Geharnischter Stephano Park


Program booklet (2,50 €)


The young Prince Tamino is being pursued by a dangerous serpent. When all seems lost, three mysterious ladies save the unconscious prince and kill the serpent. When Tamino revives, he meets Papageno. The three ladies give Tamino a portrait of Pamina, the daughter of the Queen of the Night. The prince falls in love with the image and promises the Queen that he will rescue Pamina from the hands of Sarastro, who has carried her off. He sets out on his journey together with Papageno. To assist them, Tamino is given a magic flute and Papageno magic bells.

Papageno, whom Tamino has sent ahead, meets Pamina, who is being badgered by the slave Monostatos. Papageno puts Monostatos to flight and wins Pamina for Tamino. When they set off again they are surprised by Sarastro and his retinue.

In the second part of the opera, Tamino comes to recognize how good Sarastro in fact is. However, in order to become a full member of the priesthood he – and also Papageno – must pass several difficult tests. Tamino completes the trials admirably. As his reward, he is allowed to stand in Sarastro’s place as high priest and marry Pamina. Papageno, who was not so successful, is nevertheless blessed with an equal partner – Papagena.