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Lukács | Lidberg | Duato

on March 11, 2020
This is the page for the performance on March 11, 2020.

Cast 11.03.2020

Movements to Stravinsky

Choreographie, Bühnenbild, Kostüme und Licht András Lukács
Komponist Igor Strawinski
Umsetzung Kostüme Mónika Herwerth

Between Dogs and Wolves

Choreographie Pontus Lidberg
Komponist Dmitri Schostakowitsch arr. Rudolf Barschai
Costume Design Rachel Quarmby-Spadaccini
Stage Design Pontus Lidberg Jaffar Chalabi
Lighting Design Patrik Bogårdh
Videoprojektionen Jason Carpenter
Staging Michelle Kane

White Darkness

Choreography and Costume Design Nacho Duato
Komponist Karl Jenkins
Stage Design Jaffar Chalabi
Lighting Design Joop Caboort
Staging Thomas Klein