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Simon Boccanegra

on March 22, 2019
This is the page for the performance on March 22, 2019.
If you would like to attend a performance of this production, you will find further dates below.
Music Giuseppe Verdi → Melodramma in einem Prolog & drei Akten

Future dates

06. April 2024
19.30 - 22.30
1 intermission
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08. April 2024
19.00 - 22.00
1 intermission
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11. April 2024
19.00 - 22.00
1 intermission
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13. April 2024
19.30 - 22.30
1 intermission
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Cast 22.03.2019

Conductor Philippe Auguin
Director Peter Stein
Stage Design Stefan Mayer
Costume Design Moidele Bickel
Simon Boccanegra Plácido Domingo
Fiesco Kwangchul Youn
Gabriele Adorno Francesco Meli
Amelia Eleonora Buratto
Paolo Marco Caria
Pietro Dan Paul Dumitrescu
Hauptmann Lukhanyo Moyake
Dienerin Lydia Rathkolb


The corsair Simon Boccanegra is elected Doge of Genoa with the help of Paolo. He believes that, thanks to this position, the patrician Jacopo Fiesco would no longer be able to refuse him the hand of his daughter Maria – Boccanegra’s lover and mother of his daughter. However, Maria passes away and Fiesco swears revenge on Boccanegra, unless he hands over his granddaughter. Yet the girl, who was entrusted to the care of a caretaker, has disappeared.The fate of Boccanegra’s daughter is finally resolved 25 years later. She was accepted into the Grimaldi family as foundling Amelia and fell in love with the patrician Gabriele Adorno. Boccanegra asks her to marry Paolo, who has since become his chancellor. When father and daughter recognise each other, he gives up this plan, however. Paolo is furious and has Amelia kidnapped, but Adorno thwarts this. While the Senate is in session, he bursts into the assembly hall and wants to pounce on Boccanegra as the alleged instigator of this abduction. But Amelia throws herself in between them. Boccanegra, recognizing in Paolo the person responsible for the abduction, asks him to cast the curse on the criminal. Paolo takes revenge by poisoning Boccanegra’s nightcap. Adorno, too, seeks to kill the doge as Paolo claims that the doge is Amelia’s lover. Yet again, Amelia throws herself in between and reveals herself to Adorno as Boccanegra’s daughter. When the patricians approach to overthrow the doge, Gabriele sides with Simon. The rebellion is crushed, Paolo is sentenced to death, but his poison is already taking effect. Dying, Boccanegra reconciliates with Fiesco, who learns that Amelia is his granddaughter.


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