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Regieportrait: Cyril Teste

on January 28, 2023
This is the page for the performance on January 28, 2023.

Gustav Mahler-Saal

Cast 28.01.2023


Time and again, the Vienna State Opera receives interested inquiries about productions, whether after introductory lectures, in letters or in spontaneous conversations in the foyer. Details of scenic realizations are asked for, or there is a general discussion about what has been seen. The discussion event »Director's Portrait«, in which the directors of the new productions are introduced, meets precisely this interest. The focus is on the artistic path, central works as well as - of course - the current production. The directors explain their artistic lines of vision and working methods, thus providing an illuminating glimpse into their workshop. Of course, the audience has the opportunity to ask questions. In the
next director's portrait on 28 January, Cyril Teste, whose production of Salome will premiere in February at the Vienna State Opera, will be introduced. 

With Salome, director Cyril Teste is not only making his debut in Vienna, he is also working on his first independent production outside France. In his home country, the 47-year-old has already presented several sensational opera productions after successful work as an acting director, including Ambroise Thomas' Hamlet and Beethoven's Fidelio, both at the Opéra-Comique in Paris. One of the distinctive features of Cyril Teste's works is the collective approach they follow: The director has been working with the same artists for many years, especially in the areas of video and lighting, which are so important to his work. The results are works of the utmost precision and detail, in interplay with a sensitive singing-acting penetration. Chief dramaturge Sergio Morabito will talk with Cyril Teste about his work; excerpts from selected works will be presented in video recordings.

This event will be held in German and French.