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    The day after the Opera Ball – 5 February 2016 – two performances of THE MAGIC FLUTE FOR CHILDREN take place amid the ball decorations. In this one-hour children’s version of the Mozart opera, conceived specifically for this event, school children from all over Austria (7,000 in all) can dip into the world of opera. The event is exclusively for children aged 9 to 10 (academic years 4 and 5), who attend the performances at no charge.

    The magic flute for children
    Friday, 5. February 2016, 2.30 and 5 p.m.

    (for detailed cast and information please see schedule February 2016)
    Wiener Philharmoniker | Soloists of the Wiener Staatsoper

    The Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture takes care of organizational details, while applications and ticket allocations are handled exclusively by the school boards of the provinces and of the City of Vienna. Teachers are the only adults to accompany the students to the opera. At the end of November, the City school board sends out a notice to all schools. Only then can teachers of children in the relevant classes send in their written ticket orders. No applications are accepted before this time.